Speaking Engagements

Donna Pagano

Donna Pagano is a highly sought-after speaker who provides guidance, training and certification programs to professional advisors, associations, public interest groups and individuals. Her presentations can provide a value-added boost to your current clientele and help you build your book of business. Please contact Donna at 805.497.7048 or atdpagano@familyloveletter.com for more information on her available presentations, cost and scheduling.

feather.gifTopics for Presentation 
In drafting a Family Love Letter, individuals give their families a lasting and important gift – all the vital information loved ones need to know in case of sudden incapacitation or death. Donna passionately presents the value of this one-of-a-kind document and stresses the importance of completing it with a team of advisors so individuals and families can create their own legacy for the living.

Donna’s Family Love Letter presentation is essential and inspirational for people of all walks of life. Some examples of appropriate audiences include women's summits, private briefings for men and women, foundations, non-profits, organizations, corporations, independent and assisted living homes, hospitals and retirement communities.

feather.gifWomen's Market for the Financial Professional
Donna brings forth passion and wisdom in her presentation on the women’s market. Through fact-based research and personal experience, Donna illustrates the necessity for working with women on financial planning – and the best ways to approach this fast-growing market.

feather.gifBusiness Planning
From business experience in both large corporations, where she designed and implemented strategic business plans, and as an entrepreneur as a successful financial advisor, Donna shares unique and effective methods for creating a winning business plan. Her insight and practical tips can help you grow your business.

feather.gifOther Topics Available Soon
Business Love Letter, Going through Divorce for Women, The First Year of Widowhood, and Just Getting Started: Young Married Couples and the Financial Dynamics of Second Marriages.