Digital Family Love Letter

The all new Digital Family Love Letter encompasses the printed Family Love Letter, now with added security and ease of access. The Digital Family Love Letter encrypts your personal and financial data onto a thumb drive.



Question: What are the Differences between the Family Love Letter and the Digital Family Love Letter?

Answer:  The Family Love Letter thumb drive allows individuals to give their families a lasting and important gift – all the vital information loved ones need to know in case of sudden incapacitation or death. These individuals are literally making plans and taking inventory on behalf of their families – financially and otherwise. The Family Love Letter thumb drive includes everything from key contact information for lawyers and accountants to insurance policies to statements of ethics to funeral requests. The Family Love Letter thumb drive program runs directly from your Family Love Letter thumb drive. There are no application files to install. The Family Love Letter thumb drive interface helps you record your vital information with an easy step by step interface.

Question: What are the system requirements needed to run the application?

Answer: The Family Love Letter Digital  USB drive is campatible to run on any Windows or Mac OS X operating system. The Family Love Letter thumb drive does need the Adobe AIR framework installed on your computer to run. Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that allows programs to run across different operating systems. For more about determining if your computer has Adobe AIR and, if not, how to install Adobe AIR, refer to Family Love Letter User's Guide.

Question: How do I backup my data?

Answer: At any time, you can create a backup of the Family Love Letter data by accessing the Tools menu's Data Backup tab and clicking the "Backup Family Love Letter data" button. Clicking this button will make a copy of your Family Love Letter data file and place it on your Window's desktop. The file will be named MyFamilyLoveLetter_Backup_today's date.xml. This data file backup is an encrypted file that can only be read by the Family Love Letter thumb drive.

Question: Is my data secure?

Answer: All information collected is stored on the Family Love Letter thumb drive, which is encrypted and password protected, keeping your most sensitive information safe and secure.

Question: Can I print the data that is placed within the application?

Answer: To print the information placed within the application simply click on the tools menu and then export the data to a ".pdf." You can then print from the ".pdf", we recommend that you delete the ".pdf" after you have printed it.

Question: Where can I get more information?

Answer: You can access more helpful tips from our online

Family Love Letter User's Guide